Photography has always called to me as a way to make sense out of the chaos of life. We trudge through surrounded by infinite stimulation, but when we snap a moment in time, full of all its delight and wonder, we start to piece together our stories in a way that can be reflected on and passed down for generations to come. I revel in those moments and hope you will allow me to help tell your story.









I remember getting my first camera around the age of 11 and how it plagued my patience having to wait to finish a roll of film and get it back from the developer. Holding that small black box offered me a sense power and responsibility. I was now in possession of a way to tell a visual story, to catalog, to remember. Apparently I take such responsibility to heart as I have undertaken the unofficial role of family photo scanner and hope someday to dive headfirst into the genealogy vortex. But alas, I have a family and my time, for now, is spent with my amazing husband and two bombastic children. They have each taken on the role of teacher in my life, shaping my courage and patience in ways I never thought possible. They indulge my creativity, love of all things Jane Austen, and interior design nerdfests.

“Laura was great to work with. She even got my difficult teenagers to smile and have a good attitude. We have used her twice now for family photos.” - Mercy E.

“After the birth of our third child Laura did such an amazing job with a lifestyle shoot. she captured everyone perfectly. Love her photography.” - Monica M.